Real Talk: Music and Technology – Let’s Create Something By J. Akly

Music and Technology – Let’s Create Something

Welcome to another installment of REAL TALK.  I’m your host, Jefferson Akly aka KLEPTO.  Today I want to touch on the positive effects technology has had on the current music industry.  What can I say technology has had its ups and downs on the industry but I believe the positive effects will out shine the negative.

In a world that is now “wired” (picture the old iPod silhouette advertisement) and technologically savvy it is important to keep up with the times.  Today is the future and tomorrow is the past.  You need to think and act current and apply that mentality to what’s to come.  Social on-line media sites such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Four Square, You Tube and smart phones makes it that much easier to reach your audiences.  The trend today is “on-line” through any electronic devise that can access the Internet.  You can now legally purchase music on line through iTunes and a variety of other sites.  If I’m not mistaken I believe You Tube is or will be offering live concerts through its site – for a fee of course.

Today networking and collaborating has never been easier.  You can now create a song at home and send it to your co-writers’ email address and receive it on a phone!!  You can digitally share a file using numerous on-line resources at no cost today such as  Never has it been easier for anyone to work together and not even be in the same city, state or even country (eventually planet) at the same time.  I don’t know about you but that is exciting to me!!!  Imagine all the combination of artists that can collaborate with each other to produce a hot record and be able to market it in two separate markets and regions of the world simultaneously and generate a fan base in two places at the same time.   Need to have a meeting?  No problem, there are plenty of on-line services such as Skype that will allow you to teleconference via the Internet for little to no cost to you.  If you have a computer, a smart phone, an Internet connection and the right resources anything is possible.  Talk about cost saving career development.

Costs – what cost?  On-line free access multimedia resources and tools are at our fingertips.  You can now market, promote and expose a new artist through this method of non-cost incurring career development strategy.  Are you starting to understand why the Indie market seems to be growing at a faster pace than their label signed artist counterparts today in the present time compared to a decade ago?  As stated earlier the use of all social media sites such as Facebook, Four Square, Myspace, and Twitter have provided a platform to connect direct to your customers.  Youtube has provided a service that now allows you to showcase your music videos, video podcasts and even home videos to present a touch of reality to your fan base.  Think about it why do you really need a label now?  The only real huge incentive is unlimited resources to make any project come to reality easier.  That’s it. The only costs you may incur will be recording and mastering.  But alas this is solved through the booming market of home studios.  So riddle me this why does an artist need a record label?  Yeah I know the advance is a nice perk but at what cost?

Protools and other software’s make it easier for the creator to CREATE!!!!  If you have a friend that works in the production arena they’ll be the one’s to ask about in regards to this department. But with the Internet you can create music, share files to work on with fellow band members, work with producers from other parts of the world all from your comfortable seat in the bathroom.  In today’s modern recording industry you don’t even need to know how to play an actual instrument.  GarageBand is just one of the few software’s that help you create music without knowing how to read sheet music.  There are other software’s as well that will convert your MIDI music files into sheet music such as Transcribe from Seventh String Software.  Also, just for fun you can even enhance a not up to par singer’s vocals with Auto-tune (God knows we all have heard and witnessed some artists that really sounded terrible live in concert).

Press kits can be designed at home using a slew of software’s as well.  What is a press kit you ask?  Well tune in for that installment of REAL TALK.  But a press kit can be created using any creative software.  Don’t want to buy a printer well no problem because there are plenty of on-line picture production services where you can upload your pictures and purchase them in bulk at an extremely low price.   Want all materials from your press kit that need to be printed in one place?  Well here is yet again another solution because some print shops will even allow you to email them the content.

Music can now be distributed through a slew of on-line services such as iTunes, Amazon and Rhapsody that you may choose to sell your music through. is in essence a one-stop shop for promotion, marketing and monitoring an artists’ performance in generating fan base and rankings regionally.

BAND WEBSITE & BLOG, and!!!  Here are free to use on-line services that allow you to build and run your very own website.  What perfect way to market and promote yourself than having a website with the most current information about tour dates, concerts, in-store appearances and even previews of your work.  The possibilities are endless in regards to what content you want on the site and how interactive it can be.   What’s great about having your own site is that you can add RSS feeds, direct links to your social networking sites and have an email service list set up to personally reach each customer and fan with the latest news.

As you can see there are low or no cost solutions for anyone trying to create a business or promote an artist.  Knowing where to look and doing research will give you all the elements necessary to make a successful educated decision in regards to the direction you decide to take.  Never has it been easier to reach the masses that the present.  Remember, “Today is the Future and Tomorrow is the Past”.  The only thing you need to supply is talent and the desire to Create Something!!!

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