Dedication, Passion and Drive are three words that describe Jefferson Akly.  For more than 12 years, Jefferson has proven to be a music business professional that is innovative and strives for perfection; he embodies what truly means to be a music business professional in the new music business.

Jefferson, better known as Jeff, has had an interest in music and the music business at an early age.  At an early age, Jeff knew what type of music he loved and always remained true.  Growing up his parents would encourage him to play instruments, sing and dance in the privacy of their home.  In public Jeff would showcase his love and admiration for music by dancing.  Jeff’s love affair with music began when he was little, as his parents would play traditional Colombian music for him.  At the age of 5 he fell in love with pop music with his first album, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.

In junior high school Jeff was exposed to playing music and began to learn how to play the drums, which he enjoyed heavily.  In high school he played the baritone horn, although his interest was the saxophone.  By the time he was in college he had written plenty of poetry, which captured the attention of one his college professors, leading to an opportunity to write for the school magazine.  Jeff’s love for poetry continued as he began to write lyrics for a hip-hop album he never reordered or released.  Creating music further captured his interest when he paired up with a friend, which would work with him to produce music as a hobby.

While still enrolled in the City University of New York at LaGuardia Community College, Jeff knew he wanted and needed real world business experience so he set out to seek and land a full time job for corporate experience while he continued his education.  College was a difficult point in his life, enrolled as a Liberal Arts major, he didn’t have a clear vision of what he wanted to do.  In 1999 Jeff landed a full time entry-level position at the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), the largest and leading performance rights organization in the United States.  In 1999 Jefferson landed an entry-level position at the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, (ASCAP, one of the largest and leading performance rights organization.  This new chapter in his career he was able to learn publishing, copyright and gained real world corporate experience.  Jefferson’s dedication and strong work ethics landed him three promotions, most recently as Legal Assistant to the AVP of Legal Affairs and as assistant to the Director of Licensing and Enforcement.

Jefferson’s experience is further enhanced when he became an artist manager for a young independent artist, which gave him an opportunity to explore what artist management was about.  This opportunity gave Jefferson much insight into what an independent artist goes through in their musical career and provided an understanding from an artist’s perspective.  In 2011 Jefferson co-founded an entertainment company which provided many more experiences and hands on learning.  From management, blogging, social media marketing, branding and generating public awareness gave Jefferson a more well rounded feel to the music industry and an opportunity to put what he learned at Full Sail University to use in real life circumstances.

Jefferson awards his education at Full Sail University, where he maintained a 3.7 GPA and as a graduate  obtained a Bachelor of Science in Music Business.  Jeff received Course Director Awards for Business Law, Marketing and Artist Management, and was honored with the “Advanced Achievement” award at graduation (also known as the “Most Likely to Succeed).   Jeff’s ambition lead him to  enroll into Full Sail University’s Master of Science Internet Marketing curriculum, and expect to graduate by December 2013.  Independently Jefferson always looked for ways to self educate himself by reading music industry content, journals and staying on top on music business trends to further establish and deep root his passion and understanding of the music industry.  Jefferson’s reputation is further solidified by the many of positive recommendations publicly stated on his work ethic, dedication, passion and knowledge.  Most notably is Jefferson’s desire to help and educate unsigned independent artists looking to take their career to the next level and lead a fruitful career doing what they love to do, music.

For more information and accomplishments on Jefferson’s career please visit


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