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Musicians Going Green

Musicians and their music have tons of influence over people.  Whether the lyrics are negative or positive, they often ignite a passion in the listener to follow in the same footsteps as the musician.  As the “green movement” continues to grow, many popular musicians have taken note, and they have begun to become concerned about the environment also.  Because of their influence, they are able to promote both awareness and to ignite action among their listeners to begin to take steps to reverse global warming, to stop the drastic climate changes, to begin to use better fuels than fossil fuels, such as biodiesel, and to also be lest wasteful and to promote recycling.

Some of the more popular rockbands that are joining the cause, are Pearl Jam and Green Day.  REM is also very concerned about the environment.  In fact, Pearl Jam literally put their money where their mouth it, and donated about $100,000 to organizations and causes that help the environment.  They have also used a bio-diesel-ran bus for their tours.  Michael Stipes, who is a vocalist for REM, has actually been a leading voice for many eco and green campaigns for almost a decade.  Green Day’s favorite cause is the Campaign to Move America Beyond Oil.  They have lobbied in a myriad of ways to promote better energy policies than we have now in the United States.

Linkin Park, has donated more than $500,000 (half a million) to promote better recycling, and to various efforts to re-plant forests.  They also like to promote the use of bio-diesel, renewable energy, and hybrid vehicles.

Even musicians are going green, and they have the influence and the money to positively effect the climate changes and people’s behaviors towards renewable energy and the green movement.  They can use their music, and their popularity at speaking enegaments and rallies, in order to bolster support for anything green.  Their biggest influence will be amoung other musicians and artists who will, in turn, be able to spread the green movement news to more people.

Musicians Going Green


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