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Music Industry Survival Manual: 13 Different Ways To Make Money From Your Songs

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Advice for Touring Musicians

Building revenue streams for artists and bands

Join Tony George from Austrade’s Australian Music Office as he provides this comprehensive overview of how an artist or a band goes about developing revenue and income streams.

How Record Labels Earn Money under Copyright Law

In this segment of his lecture at a music educators conference at Loyola University New Orleans, entertainment attorney and educator Mark Davis explains how artists and their labels profit from sales of sound recordings and the licensing of those recordings. He also makes some predictions as to how the shift from terrestrial to digital radio will enable record companies to collect additional royalties.

Music Business – Creative Distribution – Moving CD’s And Making Money

Money For Performances By Todd Brabec, Jeff Brabec

Money For Performances – ASCAP

By Todd Brabec, ASCAP Executive VP of Membership and Jeff Brabec

One of the largest sources of income for songwriters, composers and music publishers is the money received for performances of a writer’s work on radio, television and cable stations, concert halls, wired music services, websites and other outlets for music. These monies – over 4 billion dollars worldwide – are collected by performing right organizations (PROs) in all major countries of the world and are based on the Copyright Law – a law which recognizes that a writers creation is a property right and that permission and a payment must be made, in most cases, when it is used.

The monies from this area can be substantial. For example, a #1 song can easily generate over $1,000,000 in a few short years with a successful TV series theme song earning well over $100,000 a year in worldwide writer and publisher earnings.

Writers and publishers join a PRO, which in turn, negotiates license fee agreements with the users of music, collects the money and pays it back to writers and publishers based on surveys of performances of the works performed in the many areas licensed (radio, TV, etc).

The largest PRO in the world is writer and publisher owned ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers). In addition to the collection and payment of royalties and worldwide representation, member benefits include musical instrument, studio and tour liability insurance, health insurance, discounts on musical instruments and equipment, a credit union and much more.

© 2007 Todd Brabec, Jeff Brabec
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Money For Performances By Todd Brabec, Jeff Brabec

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