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The Dual Purpose of Copyright Law

In this segment from http://www.artistshousemusic.org – Mark Davis lectures at a music educators conference at Loyola University New Orleans, entertainment attorney and educator Mark Davis discusses the two (frequently opposed) purposes of copyright law: to protect free transmission of information while giving its creators some control over how that information is distributed and sold.

Music Industry Survival Manual: Tips to Sell More Music Online

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Music Licensing Deals in Today’s World: Making Money as a Songwriter

Video game royalties, music in apps, movie and television song negotiations, interactive dolls and toys, e cards, performing right organization radio payments, live performance royalties, non-interactive and interactive streaming, downloads and physical product sales, music in ads, Broadway shows, lyrics on clothes, musical toothbrushes – these are but some of the areas where songwriters and composers make money in today’s world of music. Todd Brabec, former ASCAP Executive Vice President and author of” Music Money and Success: the Insider’s Guide to Making Money in the Music Business” will discuss how traditional licensing deals work as well as how new media licenses in the online world are structured and negotiated. He will also talk about how much money can be made in the initial negotiation as well as the back-end royalties that can continue for many decades from song uses throughout the world.

How Record Labels Earn Money under Copyright Law

In this segment of his lecture at a music educators conference at Loyola University New Orleans, entertainment attorney and educator Mark Davis explains how artists and their labels profit from sales of sound recordings and the licensing of those recordings. He also makes some predictions as to how the shift from terrestrial to digital radio will enable record companies to collect additional royalties.

Mechanical Royalty Calculator

Mechanical Royalty Calculator by Harry Fox Agency

For Physical Recordings & Permanent Digital Downloads:

The current statutory mechanical royalty rate for physical recordings (such as CDs) and permanent digital downloads is 9.1¢ for recordings of a song 5 minutes or less, and 1.75¢ per minute or fraction thereof for those over 5 minutes. This is then multiplied by the number of recordings you wish to make. For more information about the statutory mechanical royalty rate, click here.

You can use the calculator below to determine the mechanical royalties due per song for physical recordings and permanent digital downloads for a certain number of recordings. Please note that there is a minimum number of licenses that must be obtained through HFA’s Songfile, and there is also an additional processing fee that is dependent upon the number of songs you are licensing in a single transaction. For more information on Songfile licensing, click here.

You can calculate your royalties here.

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