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What is a Publicist and How Does a Publicity Campaign Work?

Curtis Smith, the head of Maelstrom Music and Maelstrom Music PR, walks us through the various ways that a publicist gets attention for an artist in the press, how a regional or national press campaign is orchestrated and what such a campaign can do for an artist’s reputation, and what publicists can and can’t do for an artist as part of their services.

How Record Labels Earn Money under Copyright Law

In this segment of his lecture at a music educators conference at Loyola University New Orleans, entertainment attorney and educator Mark Davis explains how artists and their labels profit from sales of sound recordings and the licensing of those recordings. He also makes some predictions as to how the shift from terrestrial to digital radio will enable record companies to collect additional royalties.

Music Licensing 101

What is Music Licensing? Join Kristin Bredimus (OurStage’s VP of Community & Artist Relations), OurStage Artist Shayna Zaid (Shayna Zaid & The Catch), Allison Shaw (Manager of Shayna Zaid & The Catch) and Jay Sweet (Producer of the Newport Folk Festival and Editor at Large for PASTE Magazine) as they explain the process of Music Licensing and song placement.

During this webinar, you will:

• Learn about the process of Music Licensing
• Discover how music licensing can benefit your career as a musician
• Understand how OurStage makes music licensing easy for you

How Publishing Royalties Work In The Music Licensing Business

Aaron Davison from explains how publishing royalties work in the context of the music licensing business.

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