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Making New Music Distribution Models Work

In this clip Interscope Records head Jimmy Iovine talks about what a new business model for the music industry would look like from a business and consumer perspective, and what changes need to happen if record companies are to successfully make the switch.



Todd and Jeff Brabec — Music Publishing

Jeff and Todd Brabec talk about their careers and their book, “Music Money & Success : The Insider’s Guide to Making Money in the Music Business”

The Music Industry – Artists vs. Labels

John Kennedy, the CEO of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. He represents the international recording industry worldwide and is fighting for its survival.

In this first of two segments, the focus here is on the relationship between the labels and its artists. The following topics were discussed:

– the 4 big labels and the oligopoly of their dominance

– artists’ disputes with their labels such as Paul McCartney, George Michael, Madonna and Robbie Williams

– reinvestment in new talent

– Prince and his ‘Planet Earth’ album giveaway

– relying too much on commercialism and marketing

What makes an artist instantly signable

Disc Makers and TAXI present “Achieving Success With Your Music: Hard-hitting tips on marketing, A&R, record labels, and more”

What to Expect in a Recording Contract

Maggie Lange, an attorney and Professor of Music Business/Management at Berklee College of Music, describes the major points to be found in a recording contract and what they actually mean for you, the artist, such as: the term of the contract; what your royalty checks will actually contain; and what decisions are taken out of your hands when you sign on the dotted line.

What is a Publicist and How Does a Publicity Campaign Work?

Curtis Smith, the head of Maelstrom Music and Maelstrom Music PR, walks us through the various ways that a publicist gets attention for an artist in the press, how a regional or national press campaign is orchestrated and what such a campaign can do for an artist’s reputation, and what publicists can and can’t do for an artist as part of their services.

How Record Labels Earn Money under Copyright Law

In this segment of his lecture at a music educators conference at Loyola University New Orleans, entertainment attorney and educator Mark Davis explains how artists and their labels profit from sales of sound recordings and the licensing of those recordings. He also makes some predictions as to how the shift from terrestrial to digital radio will enable record companies to collect additional royalties.

Integrated Music Marketing Campaign

Berkleemusic instructor Mike King explains the main elements of an integrated music marketing campaign.

Artist Management – Artist Managers Role

Berkleemusic’s instructor George Howard interviews the former personal manager of the multi-platinum band Boston Jeff Dorenfeld about the role of artist managers.

Music Industry Survival Manual: Everyrthing You Need To Know About Vinyl

FREE .PDF Download of the TuneCore Music Industry Survival Manual. Everyone needs this vital information.

Click to download Volume 1.3, VINYL



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