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The Internet by Todd Brabec, Jeff Brabec

The Internet

Internet service providers, websites, search engines, digital rights management, broadband, encryption, subscription and non-subscription services, compression, fingerprinting and watermarking, downloading and streaming, podcasting – these are but some of the many words and concepts that creators and publishers must understand if they are to enjoy the many benefits and opportunities available in the area of digital distribution of music.

Regardless, though, of the terminology and the constant innovations in this field, many of the established concepts of royalties and copyright that we have discussed in other areas also apply to this area.

Whether audio or audio-visual works are downloaded, streamed or otherwise distributed, transmitted, or communicated, the concepts of performance rights, mechanical, statutory, compulsory, synchronization, territorial and durational licenses, etc., all continue to play a role in the royalty process regarding transmissions of copyrighted music over the Internet.

The Copyright law, statutory licenses, compulsory arbitrations, voluntary negotiations, the Copyright Royalty Board and court decisions will continue to be instrumental in determining what type of license is needed as well as how much that license will be.

Other Income Sources

In addition to the sources of income already covered, there are many other royalty-generating areas, many of which can – depending on the composition – generate substantial writer and publisher royalties. These include sheet music and folio sales, lyric reprints in books, CD-ROM/Multimedia audiovisual configurations, karaoke, musical greeting cards, singing fish, music boxes, video games, singing dolls, commemorative plates, ringtones, sampling, jukeboxes, podcasting and musical fountains, among many others.

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The Internet


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