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Online Music Marketing

Instructor Mike King talks about his online course, Online Music Marketing: Campaign Strategies, Social Media, and Digital Distribution. This course takes an in-depth look at the tools and emerging technologies artists can use to generate interest in their music, acquire new fans, and sell their music online.

Integrated Music Marketing Campaign

Berkleemusic instructor Mike King explains the main elements of an integrated music marketing campaign.

Artist Management – Artist Managers Role

Berkleemusic’s instructor George Howard interviews the former personal manager of the multi-platinum band Boston Jeff Dorenfeld about the role of artist managers.

Become a Better Songwriter

Berklee Music Presents:  Exclusive: Songwriting Handbook Vol. 1

Become a Better Songwriter with Berklee Online

Get free exclusive songwriting tips and techniques from some of Berkleemusic’s superstar songwriting faculty, like Pat Pattison, Jimmy Kachulis, Ben Newhouse, Brad Hatfield, and Andrea Stolpe.

Berkly Music Presents:  Exclusive: Songwriting Handbook Vol. 1

Handbook Topics

  • 10-Step Process to Successful Commercial Songwriting
  • Song licensing and Placement Opportunities
  • How to Write a Hit Song
  • Making Your Melody Work
  • The Foundation of Your Song: Harmony
  • Setting Your Words to Music
  • How to Avoid Writer’s Block


About Berkleemusic

Berkleemusic is the online extension school of Berklee College of Music, the world’s premier institution for the study of contemporary music for over 65 years. Berklee’s faculty and alumni have won over 200 Grammy Awards and sold over 400 million records.

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