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Artist Management – Artist Managers Role

Berkleemusic’s instructor George Howard interviews the former personal manager of the multi-platinum band Boston Jeff Dorenfeld about the role of artist managers.

“Artist Management Contract – Things to Avoid When Using One

“Artist Management Contract – Things to Avoid When Using One

by: Ty Cohen

Music Technology Policy

This post is from the article “20 Questions for New Artists” by Chris Castle and Amy Mitchell some of which has been posted various places.   The current version of the article is available on MTP with the permission of the authors.

This weeks topic deals with co-writing for artists who are also songwriters.

20 More Questions for Artists: Co-writing for Artist-Writers with Record Deals (Controlled Compositions, Pt. 2)

Whenever you co-write with someone not in your band (which could be a producer or another songwriter) there are some issues you have to be concerned about. Some of this may be a little too complex legally for most people to try on their own, but we will assume that if you have a record deal (which is when most of these issues come up) you will already have a lawyer or manager to help you. These are not all the issues involved…

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5 Fundamental Points in a Personal Management Agreement

When an artist is ready to take their musical career more serious a personal manager is usually the first and most important person to employ on your team.  5 Fundamental Points in a Personal Management Agreement is a break down of of the most important points within a personal management agreement from a seasoned Music Industry Attorney, Mario F. Gonzalez, Esq.

The five basic and vital sections of a personal management agreement are:

1) Term – length of contract.

2) Commission – how the manager will be paid and at what rate or commission.

3) Commissionable Items – Items that can be used to calculate how the manager will be paid.

4) Commissionable After the Term – Monies that the manager will still be entitled to after the Term has ended and has not been renewed.

5) Manager’s Expenses – Exactly as it sounds, what expenses will be covered on behalf of the Manager (usually expenses incurred directly related to the management of artist).

These 5 items are highly important and must be understood by all parties involved prior to signing a personal management agreement to avoid disputes later down the road.

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